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1415 Fulford, Kzoo, MI
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  • History of Fido Motors

    Fido Motors started as a result of Jeb Gast’s search for the electric scooter that could compete with modern gasoline scooters. Electric scooters offer advantages to gasoline scooters in a number of ways. They are clean, low-maintenance, reliable, quiet, and fun to ride.

    The Building

    Makers past have filled these walls with a legacy of innovations. Charles Ford constructed the first building in 1899 to produce, among other things, bodies for some of the earliest automobiles. In 1913, Star Brass Works moved in next door to cast its world renowned brass pulleys and harps for electric street trollies. Before the construction of Star Brass Works’ second building in 1941, Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Manufacturing Co, Ltd. began using

    Star Brass to create resonators in early Gibson banjos. These instruments are highly collectable and to this day there is speculation by banjo aficionados about the “secret recipe” used in the brass.

    The Bikes

    In 2008, after starting Soundspeed Scooters in Seattle as a dedicated electric scooter shop, Jeb quickly began to realize that the scooters he could offer his customers were not the quality of design and build that he or his customers expected. Currently you cannot find a simply designed electric scooter. Most are overly complicated electric conversions of poorly made gas scooters with low top speeds, limited range, long charging times and poor build quality. They also have yet to appeal to urban commuters.

    Jeb wanted an electric scooter that could give the rider everything they were looking for along with an elegant, simple design. It should be comfortable, easy to ride, and look great doing it.

    While these ideas seem obvious, Jeb couldn’t find one to sell. So, he set out to make it himself.

    The Cafe

    Tucked away in the corner of our historic warehouse, located at 1415 Fulford St., in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Fido Motors Cafe is the celebration of our passions for coffee and scooter culture. With its machine shop vibes and a well curated menu of offerings, Fido offers a change of pace from the ordinary.

    Our coffee menu is based on seasonal offerings via Populace Coffee of Bay City, Michigan. Espresso preparation is made by our professional baristas and brewed coffee options include drip, pour overs, and flash chilled iced coffee. We offer organic teas from Rishi Tea and we brew it hot or cold. We pride ourselves in quality and creativity and offer a great selection of house made syrups, seasonal drinks and other unique menu options.

    We look forward to seeing you and serving you something delicious!

    The Team

    Jeb Gast & Krystal Gast (Owners)

    Kent Bakke

    Nick Jobbitt

    Margot Champagne

    Adam Hartwig

    Emilye Martin

    Bones (Shop Dog)




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