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    Fido is a fun / useful / easy / stylish street legal two-wheeler designed by riders, for riders. Fido was born to be used, no extra frills or plastic covers. Just the basics to get you and your stuff around town. Built with steel construction and premium components, Fido will take the abuse of daily transport and keep on ticking.
    Oh… and… 100% Electric! So refuel at any outlet and ride like a ninja.


    By pre-ordering one of the 1st Fidos’ off the line, you are helping to support us on our journey. We know it’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. Tooling costs and minimum order quantities are just a couple speed bumps ahead. Your pre-order of the Model 1 LE will help us pass these bumps, overtake obstacles, and coast over dips in the road.

    A $1,000 down payment will secure one of these limited edition scooters in your name. There will be only 25 limited edition scooters made.  Once your Fido is ready to ship, the final payment of $8,999 will be due.


    The Model 1 LE scooters will be hand painted with its edition number and come with a handmade Fido messenger bag that fits on the leg shield . Your pre-order will give you access to our Fido Owners Blog where we will post updates and photos of the bikes as they move through the production process.  As a Limited Edition Owner, you will receive our Ultimate Warranty covering any and all updates, repairs or replacements*.

    If that’s not enough, here is a list of the key bike features:

    • Swappable quick change battery
    • Adjustable seat
    • Keyless entry with auto locking center-stand
    • Leading Link Front Suspension
    • Easy change tires
    • Fast charge charger
    • Modular cargo options
    • E-coated with Powder coat finish
    • 2 year warranty*
    • Designed for minimal & easy service (No oil changes ever!)

    Fido wants what you want, a scooter that’s just a scooter, that happens to be electric.


    The Model 1 LE Fidos’ will be produced in order, starting at 1 and ending with 25. So queue up now if you want one first. Our goal is to have all 25 bikes built in 2018. It takes quite a bit of time to get a Fido rolling because they are hand built by our small crew in Kalamazoo. Trust us, we want nothing more than to see riders enjoying Fido.

    Technical Specs

    • Frame:                  Steel
    • Brakes:                 Hydraulic Disc
    • Lock:                     Keyless
    • Seat Height:          29.5″ to 33″
    • Total length:          68″
    • Handlebars:          38″
    • Motor:                   4.5kW
    • Speed:                   45mph | 30 mph
    • Range:                   34mi | 40mi
    • Suspension:           Front & Rear Shocks
    • Regen:                   Yes, Analog
    • Tires:                     12″
    • Wheel Base:          50″
    • Total Width:          29.5
    • Weight:                 200lb
    • Torque:                 120NM
    • Battery:                 72V, 35Ah, 2.5kWh
    • Charge Time:        TBD



    Top speed of 45 mph Approximately 35 mile range Requires a motorcycle license

    MOPED VERSION Top speed varies by state Approximately 40 mile range Drivers license requirements vary by state

    Currently only available in the United States. Shipping is an additional charge based on your location. Let us know if you would like us to calculate these charges before you order.

    *See full warranty details and restrictions.

    Coming Soon : Fido Lite!

    Our hopes of creating a lower price-point electric scooter, while using the same battery technology and top-notch build quality, Fido Lite will allow more riders to join the Fido family.

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