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Welcome to Fido Motors Cafe!

Tucked away in the corner of a historic warehouse, in Kalamazoo’s Edison Neighborhood, Fido Motors Cafe is the celebration of our passions for coffee and scooter culture. With its machine shop vibes and a well curated menu of offerings, Fido offers a change of pace from the ordinary.

Our coffee menu is based on seasonal offerings via Populace Coffee. Espresso preparation is made by our professional baristas and brewed coffee options include drip, pour overs, and flash chilled iced coffee. We offer organic teas from Rishi Tea and we brew it hot or cold. We pride ourselves in quality and creativity and offer a great selection of house made syrups, seasonal drinks and other unique menu options.

We look forward to seeing you and serving you something delicious!



Featuring populace coffee co.
Espresso Double shot of Proper Blend Espresso

Macchiato Espresso marked with steamed milk

Cortado Espresso with equal parts steamed milk

Cappuccino Espresso with steamed milk and  a dense layer of foam

Latte Espresso with steamed milk and a thin layer of foam

Cafe Miel Latte made with honey and cinnamon

Americano Espresso with hot water

Pour Over Handcrafted, made-to-order serving of seasonal single-origin coffee

Coffee The classic cup of coffee featuring our Fido Andiamo House Blend

Cold Brew 12-18 hour brewing method yielding a strong, smooth, cold coffee


Featuring Rishi Organic Teas
Matcha Green tea powder, single shot or latte

Chai Housemade blend of tea and spices steamed with milk (black or herbal)

Tea Latte Tea with steamed milk

Green Tea Genmaicha, Kukicha, Moonlight Jasmine

Black Tea Ancient Golden Yunnan, Earl Grey

Oolong Tea Ruby Oolong

Herbal Tea Chamomile, Cinnamon Plum, Hibiscus, Peppermint, Rooibos, Turmeric Ginger

Golden Milk Medicinal blend of turmeric, ginger & other spices served with milk and honey

Hot Cacao Raw cacao, maple syrup & steamed milk

Steamer Steamed milk with your choice of syrup

Bottled Drinks Available in our cooler


Our unique fresh food options are prepared in house daily

Bircher Oats, pecans, dried cherries, chia seeds, cinnamon, honey, steamed milk

Meat Sandwich Boar’s Head ham and turkey, havarti, spinach, McClure’s pickles, mayo, dijon mustard on Sarkozy Bakery oatmeal bread

Veggie Sandwich Housemade hummus, spinach, radishes, cucumber, onion, basil, havarti on Sarkozy Bakery oatmeal bread

Pesto Quinoa Bowl Quinoa, pesto, radishes, sun-dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, local hard boiled egg, salt & pepper *vegan options available

Hummus & Veggies House made hummus with celery and carrot sticks

Sweets & Snacks Selections vary daily



  • Housemade syrups
  • Housemade Almond Milk
  • Honey
  • Decaf options

All drinks available iced



Our baristas are always experimenting and playing with seasonal flavors. Swing by the cafe to try our limited offerings!


Freshly brewed coffee in a handy dispenser. Available as coffee only or with cups, lids, sugar and cream.

To place an order, call the cafe at least one hour in advance

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